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Around Istanbul In A Day

July 31, 2007

I was out today all the day and enjoyed the beauties of Istanbul. Küçüksu Kasrı, Üsküdar, Boğaz ..

First stop was Küçüksu Kasrı*, somewhere next to the Marmara Sea in the beginning of the Beykoz District. Me and a couple of friends had breakfast by the sea, next to the Kasır. The weather was as fascinating as the place was.

This is where you can sit and drink maybe a hot, well-steepped tea and watch the beauty of the Bosphorus or have breakfast, or .. dunno, you’d find something to do, or just breathe the clean air.

The Kasır is a fascinating place. It’s been built in 1856 by Sultan Abdülmecid Han.

The building has 3 floors and no bedrooms; because it was used just to have guests, not for sleeping in it. Here are some pictures of the Kasır ..

The Küçüksu Kasrı ..

The Door to the Kasır ..

The Garden ..

Inside the building ..

(This table is made in one piece, no nails, no drawing-pins ..)

It is a building just to go inside and see the patterns which cover the ceilings and all around the rooms.

Then we went to Uskudar to eat simit (some kind of a pastry, a ring-shaped bread covered with sesame seeds) and black tea.

Kız Kulesi (The Leander’s Tower or The Maiden’s Tower) in Uskudar ..

Sailing boats crossing the sea ..

The Valide Hanım Mosque in Uskudar .. We went to pray the noon salah.

(This is called a Shadirvan)

An uncle is filling some water into a pot to give to the cats in the garden of the mosque ..

And these are the cats ..

* Küçüksu Kasrı (The Littlewater Kasır) .. Kasır is some kind of a summerhouse but there are no bedrooms in this one.

Have a nice the-rest-of-the-day ..

Binapesi, Turkiye – Istanbool.


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