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H2O, Don’t Leave Us Alone!

August 1, 2007

Here we go again in a hot hot day. There was a rumour that it would rain today but na, it never seems so. A full-brighted sun (sometimes gets covered by clouds but it’s still hot) and 29°C ..

Because of the Global Warming lakes are drought, animals die, planting isn’t done enough (no water to water) ..

And this stealthy Global Warming hit Turkiye too. We ran out of water in many areas and agriculture got its share in this thing too ..

(Tuz Gölü (The Salt Lake) in Konya changed its shape because of drying.)

(Acı Göl (The Acrid Lak) dried off and the flamingoes left the lake.)

(Kızılırmak (The Red River) is on the edge of drying.)

The water stoppages are being applied in Anatolia part.

The mayor of Istanbool has declared that Istanbool won’t face these stoppages thanks to a project about getting water from a close river. See what I’m happy about .. ironic.

Maybe we could understand how the people in Africa suffer because of waterless.

It’s all our fault. When the danger comes step by step but not suddenly, then we don’t care about it; Let it come wholely, we’ll face it then. Great. You are facing it now and making a great (!) job!

There is always something we could do. I mean, what if we don’t use our cars to go somewhere but get on a bus instead? Do we have to be that luxerious? I’ll see those luxerious when they burn down cuz of the warmth and how luxerious they seem anymore.

Do we need those big and expensive villas to live in? Live in an apartment instead, so you won’t cause another treeless area. Lets plant as possible as we find places. It’s no harm. Opposite.

Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) encourages us to plant:

“If any of you have a date sapling on the doomsday he should plant it -if possible.” (Bukhara, Edebu’l-mufred, (thk., Halid Abdurrahman), p. 138, Daru’l-Ma’rife, Beirut, 1966). The aim here is to make people understand the importance of planting trees.

“If a Muslim plants a tree or grow grains and a bird, a person or an animal eats from it will be counted as a charity for him.”(Bukhara, “al-Khars ve’l-Muzara”, Muslim, “Musakaat”, H. No: 12)

“Whoever plants a tree and it matures, Allah plants a tree in paradise for that person.” (Ahmad b.Hanbal, Musnad, IV, 61).

Not just planting, what if we don’t use parfumes and use less the staff that causes Carbondioksit and Metan gases?

What a harmful creature we are! We don’t hurt just the environment but also ourselves.

God, I don’t like Lydia because they started using coins (money) first. And I don’t like those who like money more than they like what is true, what is right.

Animals are dying, the icebergs are melting and we, people, sit and watch it like it’s a scientific movie. Not smart of us, na, it’s not ..

(The melted icebergs and bears ..)

And Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) says: “Allah will ask those who kill a sparrow unfairly on the day of judgment.” (Muslim, “Sayd” H.No:57)

I wonder what our answer will be. And it’s not just a sparrow, thousands of animals ..


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  1. Thank you for sharing!

  2. orlando permalink

    totally agree! I really wish beautiful turkey wont make all the mistakes italy, greece, spain did…but its too late! They are doing worse! All the ottoman houses left to rot, coasts ruined, resources wasted. One of the most stunning and diverse countries in the world aaaaargh what a shame!!!!!!

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