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IHH Team Returns From Srebrenica

August 1, 2007

The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has been supporting Bosnians for 12 years. An IHH team went to Srebrenica to attend commemorating ceremony for massacre (The Srebrenica Massacre) victims and reburial of 465 newly-identified victims.

This year’s ritual revived sufferings of the massacre as it does every year. The 465 bodies which were newly identified were brought to Sarajevo in tractor trailers. The bodies were dispatched to Srebrenica with the tears of their relatives who had gathered in front of the presidential residence. The bodies were kept in the factory in which the victims took shelter before being killed until the memorial ceremony on July 11. On the ritual day, the bodies were reburied with the attendance of over 20,000 mourners.

Relatives of the victims convene around the newly-revealed mass graves hoping their relatives may be recovered as new mass graves are discovered in the region. The IHH team observed recovery works in a newly-found mass grave.

The IHH team spoke to the people who witnessed the massacre in Srebrenica and nearby regions and visited the International Commission of Missing People center and laboratories, where bodies recovered in mass graves are identified.

The houses that are being built and repaired by the IHH for the people who lost their relatives to the massacre and who were made homeless were visited. A number of houses have been handed over to their residents, while some are still being built.

IHH – The Foundation For Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief.


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