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The Simpsons of Springfield

August 2, 2007


The most popular family lately, Simpsons, is on the theatre now right after the TV!

Homer of the Simpsons which have a huge fan community all over the world doesn’t put only himself into trouble, but all the world. He doesn’t cause the fabrica he works in drop baleful materials into the river next to the fabrica only, but he also gets fired.

But the baleful materials that dropped to the river treat the lives of people of Springfield Town and the town must be abondoned right away.

Homer and his family find themselves in many unexpected adventures while he tries to save the world from a catastrophe that he himself caused.

Matt Groening who is the producer of Simpsons TV series is again the one behind the movie. The producer tells that they tried to save the original Simpsons designs and the film bases on the hit TV series.

Here is the trailer if you’d like to watch ..

I know it is all American culture and doesn’t match ours but it’s really enjoyable to see Homer do something stupid. And I dunno about the movie but the series keep somethings in them for you to find. The importance of family and friends, money isn’t everything, the government’s outside politics suck, anything can happen anytime ..

I wish Turks will make a cartoon too. And I’m expecting a second movie from SpongeBob SquarePants =) ..


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