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Oss – Ordinary Something System .. ha?

August 3, 2007

In Turkiye, to be able to go to a university you must have an exam called ÖSS (Student Selecting Exam) and get quite good marks for a nice major of a nice university.

Every year in June, high-school last grades or graduates of high schools apply to this exam and have it. The reports are announced on internet about a month later and a few weeks after this announcement appliers make their choices of universities and start to wait for the result.

We’ve passed all these periods and now waiting for the results. What if we don’t win any university we chose? Then you’ll wait for the next year your tail between your legs or give up and find your way without a university taking Sakıp Sabancı or Bill Gates as your model.

I guess, that’s the general fate of students almost in every country and system: To have an exam to jump onto the next step or we could say it that way; No working, no bread.

God, we, students, have always had to work. Work and work and work ..

Science. That’s what our religion tells us: Even if you’d have to go to China, go and learn it (Hadith) ..

I know there are such exams in other countries too from my friends. SAT or ACT in America, Vestibular in Brazil, University State Exam in Russia, Leaving Certificate in Ireland, Bagrut Exams in Israel, La Sel·lectivitat in Catalonia, Le Baccalauréat in France ..

I’ll study dentistry or architecture. There is another “or” .. or next year.


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