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Don’t Be Fooled by Its Looks

August 5, 2007

Once upon a time there was a lake which’s water was cold as much as the deep blue in its color. Ducks would swim in it and put their heads into the lake’s clean and freshing water.

Just like that:

The lake that I’m talking about is in Sivas city of Turkiye and is called “Gökpınar” (means Skyspring) ..

This beauty is 34 meters deep even if you believe or not. In the pictures it looks more possible to be 34 meters but when you are near it and see the lake with your own eyes, it looks like if you jump into it, your feet will have the floor as your head is out.

There is an instutition next to the lake and you can have breakfast on the tables that they offer if you pay 5YTL per table.

You can get to the other side of the lake using a suspension bridge and when you are on it, it rocks you to left and right, frightening, ha =) ?

The Gökpınar Lake is 150 kms far from the city centre. Long way, but it is worth taking this way for a refreshing weekend.

Some people are so brave that they jump into the lake to swim and get out about half a minute, naah, about quarter a minute later, shaking =) .. Like I said before, it’s a really really cold water.

If your way heads up to Sivas one day, I advise you to see this awesome lake ..

Have a nice the-rest-of-the-day ..

Binapesi, Turkiye, Istanbool.


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