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The Answers To The Longing Rain Drops

August 28, 2007

I got tired of English but here still I am, in front of the computer (first time after a very long computerless period) and writing my pessimist composition ..

It rained today after a very very long time. We had been in the Arabian mood, they don’t see snow, you know and we couldn’t see “rain” a huge time. But it’s cloudy outside and has just finished raining. The smell that comes from the wet ground and the multicoloured sky .. What a fascinating view, what an orderliness God created.

Here the azhan is being voiced .. with the soft voice that the muezzin has ..

Anyway, I guess I’m supposed to go and solve some many more geometry questions. I don’t have the talent to write though, don’t feel the inspiration now.

Workin’ on the LP songs .. This album they pressed a few months ago is the sign that they’ve become ripe, that’s what they say. “Minutes to Midnight” .. I suggest you to listen .. some relaxing, some shouting, some both, some rap but all of them have the good-sounding voices of Chester and Mike.

Have a nice the-rest-of-the-day ..


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