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Come With the Mercy, Ramadan!

September 20, 2007

It’s been one week that we started fasting from morning azan to evening azan. And the inside of us is full of peace and happiness, because Ramadan is the charity month.

The “Welcome Ramadan”, “Ramadan the Sultan of 11 Months”, “Fast and Find Health” writings are shining between the minarets of mosques all over Turkiye.

(Those who believe are brothers (or sisters))

Iftar meals (you break your fast when the evening azan is heard) put people together and mosques are always full to pray the Taravih salah. Families visit families and friends see each other by the way.

Wow, a really fascinating atmosphere is lived in here in the Ramadan month. You understand how people feel when they can’t find food to eat. Take Africa for example. You cry for them and make charity as possible as you can. The joy that comes when you give food to someone who needs keeps you happy all the day.

Ramadan bread ..

Pide is one of the main things of Ramadan. When the clock shows a close time to the iftar, the youngest of the family runs to the bakery for a just-come-out-of-the-oven Pide.

I wish this atmosphere never ends but it’s already been a huge week.

Happy and Mobarak Ramadan ..
Have a nice the-rest-of-the-day ..
K.T. from Turkiye.

P.S. And If you wonder, ask me why I’m fasting ..


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