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The Sultanahmad of Atmosphere and The Conspiracy People

October 5, 2007

Anything new?

None, I think. Ramadan is passing away carrying all its beauty with it. The next Friday, this Friday though, is Ramadan Bairam. Meanly, we’re living the last drops of the mercy month.

I need to go to Sultanahmet just before the month ends. It’s not an obligation though, but it’s also not a crime to wish to live the atmosphere that’s going on in there. But I don’t think parents would let me, because when I break my fast somewhere else but home, I come home late – the last time it was coming to 11 pm when I got home. but it’s all the IETT (buses) ‘s fault – .. I’m thinking on it now, if we (me and a couple of friends) go to Sultanahmet Square and break our fasts there, hour hand would come to the 12 or 1 area when we got home. Cuz Sultanahmet is on the other side of Istanbool (I live in Anatolian part) .. Anyway, i’ll still try my luck.

Are the arms that are rolled up for a happy, peaceful Turkey gonna be cut off from the roots or be supported with other arms? In that moment, the AKP government is on the very spindle thread of the events. Either everthing is gonna be fine; the unjustice is gonna be stopped, anybody is just gonna be able to believe anything he/she wants and performe the rituals if it doesn’t hurt anyone, we’ll live all together happily, believer or disbeliever, it doesn’t matter OR the history is gonna come off the dusty roof and we’ll live a second Kenan Evren thing and that will occur many crys, a huge caos, more expanded unjustice.

I really don’t think that I trust Buyukanit the Chief of General Staff. He is someone undescribable. The Anti-Religion Politicians are playing their last plays. They are writing scripts from nowhere for their plays, though. Noone could compete with them on producing. Shall someone make the Conspiracy Theory 2 and use Deniz Baykal for the lead, it will make more money than the first movie Mel Gibson played. And Zekeriya Beyaz is another story .. He said with his small eyes and mouse-like mouth tweeting; “When hijab was allowed in universities, the hijabless students were beaten by the hijabed students! They were called bitch.” (I’m sorry for this word) and of course Hurriyet the newspaper made this a headline. These words had been lied by the Proffesors that were teaching in the same times the next day but why would the newspapers that keep all the phoney things in them like Hurriyet write an apology or anything that tells they wrote wrong the day before ..

The sounded beutiful sounds are reciting the Friday salah calling Bilali Habeshi (the first muezzin) to minds .. Friday Mobarak by the way ..

Let me study now .. Physics .. Optics .. Mirrors .. Lenses .. Absorbing .. and the kind.

Have a nice-the-rest-of-the-day.

K. T. from Turkiye ..


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  1. Enrique Bava permalink

    Hi K.T.
    My name is Enrique Bava. originally from Argentina, and now living in Portlan, OR, USA. I stumbled upon your blog by ‘googling’ Turkey blogs.
    I am an instructor (professor) of History in a local community college. (junior university) I am teaching a Middle East course which includes Ottoman and Turkish history and plan to vacation there with my wife in the first half of December. I would like to make contact with students or faculty of Turkish University, with the intention of learning as much from the culture and Turkish points of view as possible. If you are interested in making contact, or know people or organizations that would, please email back.
    enrique bava

  2. an interesting blog , thanks for sharing your articles and for giving a bright image about Islam,.keep it up and good luck.

  3. Well, thank you, i’m just scribbling really =)

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