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Peace in World!

November 3, 2007

Leaving a nice and fair referendum behind us (It’s been two weeks), I guess the only thing that reminds it (because the terrorism (PKK) gets all the attention on himself) is the ink on our left hand index finger that seems to stay with us for a some long time.

They are diping their extentions into Turkey’s sources and earth just like an unable-to-make-photosynthesis parasite. Where is the right! Where the justice! Why on earth would they care?!

And the most affected ones are the compatriots who live in the East. Turk or Kurd, it doesn’t matter.

Why does someone happen to get used to bomb sounds? Or why does the soldiers that go up and down become someting usual instead of being unusual?

There are meetings which brings thousands of people together cursing the terrorism and PKK in the light of our red and white flag. Almost all the houses are surrounded with flags (there is one hanged up to our front window too). But we don’t know what’s going on in the North Iraq though. The media isn’t allowed to tell us. I don’t think I really wanna know anyway. All I’m expecting is that the terrorists are going to submit and there is going to be as little blood as possible. And none of the civilians are gonna be hurt.

And it’s really interesting that such things seems to become more often when a Muslim, a believer President is on duty. Why, and we happen to wonder “Does General Staff decide not to make what they are supposed to do? Say, protecting our South borderline?” And how on earth could all these terrorists (hundreds of them) get into East of Turkey from Iraq? Does someone want to put the government into trouble?

We wonder .. of course we will. But the military haven’t said anything yet and they don’t seem to be.

Have a nice winter people, it’s told that we’ll see some snow next week in Istanbul.

Kübra Türkmen, from Turkey.


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