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Piri Reis’ Amazing Map

November 16, 2007

(Piri Reis’ World Map, in 1500s)

After the falling down of the Ottoman Empire, all the institutions of the young Republic of Turkey were in newening and every small hole were checked in case finding anything about the Ottoman Empire. And at this very moment, The Manager of the National Museums, Halil Ethem Eldem finds a map that the geography world hadn’t met yet. It was a world map that was drawn centuries ago. That’s how the adopted child of Mustafa Kemal, Afet Inan tells the story of finding Piri Reis’ World Map that amazes those who see it with every detail of world it carries.

A copy of the Map was sent to America to be examined, in 1953. The results that M. I. Walter and Arlington H. Mallery reached were astonishing; the “geometric projection” way which is used to draw maps in this time had been used in this Map which was drawn on to a gazelle skin centuries ago. They covered a globe with the Map, and it was just the same we use today. And how come someone could have used a plane to draw a world map centuries of years ago?

The answer to the question was hidden in Piri Reis’ Kitab-i Bahriya: “Çünki bildün pusulanun halini/ Dinle hartının (harita) dahi ahvalini/ Hartıyı hem pusulayı bil sahih/ Ta Süleymanu’n-nebi itdi tashih…” Piri Reis explains how he drew the map in the first chapter of his book with the Der Beyan-ı Hartı title. He mentions about compass, how Prophet Sulayman (p.b.u.h.) fixed and confirmed the map by the science of animal and the science of sea was in his order. The map was so unmistaken that noone could have drawn it with the human science in that century. And one of the most astonishing things is that Piri Reis had drawn the map of America without seeing it, he also added animal and plant figures and the ways of winds.


It’s still on news that both of the maps were drawn in same times, one of them is the map Piri Reis drew and the other one is the map that the discoverer of America, Christoph Colomb and the traveller Toscanally drew. European scientists and some Turkish intellectual commented such badly that Piri Reis was charged with theft. The young researcher Metin Soylu enlightens a truth with the expert report from the famous Hattat (calligrapher) Fuat Bashar. Bahsar saw that the handwritings in the Piri Reis’ book and the map were same, they were both “Talik Kirmasi” (a way of calligraphing). But such a big detail had stayed in hide on the dusty shelves of history. And it was just at the beginning of the America continent that made the map famous.

The writing characters that was used in the texts in the map that starts with the South America weren’t same with the characters of the rest. A part on the left of the map were written in “Nesih Kirmasi” (another calligraphing) . That means, a second hand had touched the map, it was spoiled or the texts were added in future.

And why are the texts were different on the left of the map? What do these texts include? And this is what surprises Soylu and Bashar most. Because the different part were full of compliments that puts the European sailors forward and praises Christoph Colomb.

The Calligrapher Fuat Bashar and the researcher Metin Soylu have two guess about the time of the map was changed. First, it could have been when the map had first been found in the research that a German Prof. Kahle was also in, in 1929 or those changes were made in Kanuni Sultan Sulayman time, in the ceremony that Hurrem Sultan was also in, that the map was gifted to the padishah.

While the discussions about the map are still on news, it’s obvious that the map, itself, is a treasure.

Who is Piri Reis?

His real name is Muhiddin Piri. He was Karamanlı Haci Ali Mehmed’s son and the nephew of one of the most famous sailors of Ottoman Empire, Kemal Reis. He died because of a slander about the people of Hurmus Island.

The newnesses that the map showed us?

The map is full of miracles.

The Antarctica continent which was discovered in 1800s was drawn top to the mountain chains and the summits, in 1513.

It was exposed that the South America which begins with Argentine was prolongation of Antarctica.

Argentine is 47 angles to the right when it’s looked from the space, although it’s still drawn wrong in the maps now, Piri Reis drew it with this angle curling.

The map was drawn with a 22,5 angles inclination. He proved that the world is neither an eternity-wide nor a geoid (circular), with his 16-wides map. The last pictures of the world that NASA had published tells the same about being 16-wides.

The plant, animal figures and the ways of winds that are truly true today are all amazing ..

Source: Aksiyon Magazine

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From Turkiye ..


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  1. liwil permalink

    Islam is the best. the map is evident about islamic science which robber to the west

  2. The style of writing is quite familiar . Have you written guest posts for other blogs?

  3. Nope, as far as I remember (though I have a pretty weak memory :s) I didn’t ..

  4. Whilst I actually like this publish, I think there was an spelling error shut to the finish of your 3rd sentence.

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