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The Bairams That Smell Like Candy

December 20, 2007

Today’s Bairam, wake up early in the morning!

Wear the best, children and fresh wildflowers on your hands.

And let’s not upset our mums today, la la la la ..

I’m remembering Barish Mancho with Allah’s mercy and grace. May he rest in peace.

I’m wishing happy, full of peace and goodness and blessing many many Bairams, everyone!

When the male ones in the house left for the sacrificing point to take care of the sacrificial, the others sit at home, watch mum to telephone the relatives to give greetings, give garish-covered candies to the children who ring the bell.

Like we live it that way in every Sacrifice Bairam (Festival) -that’s what happened in every Bairam I lived at least- it’s raining too. Both it brings abundance and it’s a cleaning company, cleaning the blood that dropped. That’s amazing! And it absolutely rains if not the first day then the second day.

The kitchen is full of Baklava (which is a pasty), Ashura (which is not related to the Ashura Day of Shi’as, but we cook the dessert on this day too), Sarma (delicious indeed) and candies. I don’t know if this is special just to Turkish people. I would love to hear someone clear this matter, a sis/bro from another nation. Do you cook different meals for Bairam, too? You do indeed, but are they like Baklava, Ashura, Sarma or etc. Like the ones we cook? I know that’s Turkish kitchen but we’re all Muslim anyway.

And one of the best thing of Sacrifice Bairam is meat, being taken to people who need. The Charity Foundations work their best for this. People who sacrifice give away from the meat to people who weren’t able to sacrifice (those who have enough money behind them sacrifice, you know). That’s such a beauty!

Many many peaceful Bairam, people!

Eid Mubarak!


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