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Oy! Where is this road to?

March 25, 2008

shame on us

World, where are you heading?
Here, that’s the question!

Once upon a time, there used to be only two people in this green wild world, Hz. Adam and Hz. Eve .. Then they had children, and children’s children, those children’s children happened and it was milliards of people on this world. Like a herd of ants, “work, work”, they couldn’t think of anything but money and except only a few of them (maybe the number of count was higher but this very thing must be the “melting in the crowd”), none thought like our Cree American Indian fella did. He had said,

“Only after the last tree was down, the last river was poisoned, the last fish was caught .. only after that, you’ll understand that you can’t eat money.”

No need to say anything else, when there is a way to live in peace, harmony, happiness .. we’re burring ourselves deeper and deeper in the bog.
When there is a way to try to understand each other, if we can’t understand then to respect each other, not to insult people’s believes (to get the idea that everyone just can’t think the same as we do) .. We .. We call ourselves human beings, scoop out the crow’s eye!

Shame on us .. (but it’s never too late.)


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