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Where is Haiti?

February 1, 2010

Yeah, they also live in this world. There are also a part of this world, they are a poor, small island.
Then why don’t we care about the poor before a catastrophe shows up?
Why? I mean, are we even human?
Really, for God’s sake, I can’t believe we call ourselves human ..

I know I’ll also forget about them after i write these down like I forget about Palestine many times, or Iraq, Indonesia, Afganistan, Uighur Turks … all those places that are in pain.

It’s like we’re only living our days off until the end comes. I hate it really. When world is this beautiful, why fight? Why fight for money? .. For “money”, God’s sake. Torturing bodies for money. What else to say?

If we keep living like that, i can’t see it so impossible really, living in the Equilibrium world of Kurt Wimmer..


From → Turkey

  1. hello.. how are u?
    remember me? (:

    this post, well said.. I like it..
    u also mentioned Indonesia, my lovely country which currently struggles against its people’s nature and behaviour.. (:

  2. I’m fine, thank you aditya, the Sun =)
    Well, it’s pretty sad to see even the strong ones struggle, like it really needs to be that way. Hope there will come days that we’ll live just naturaly, not struggling.

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