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Save the Rose

April 12, 2010

Dead people. Again. Not that they are dead, so the Holy Quran says. They are “shahid”s.

I’m not much aware of the news lately. Homeworks, you know. And i was on my way home on the bus but it stopped before reaching to my house. And the busdriver told all the passangers that this was the last stop. And it soo was not. Then i heard about the funerals of 3 soldiers that were taking place on the Kayseri roads. They had stepped on a mine and it exploded. And so left many lonely people back.

I wonder if this hurts at all, the terrorists’ inners.

I wanna talk about happy things but when there are so many ugly ones how could i bring myself to deny them? Is such a thing even possible? More importantly, is this what we’re supposed to do? Simply deny it? Close your eyes and not see a thing?

Rachel Corrie wasn’t even a Muslim. But she died for them. Just because she positioned herself on the path of an israilian bulldozer. She was only 23 when she died. Two years older than me. I read the letters she wrote to her mum. And it was sad.

I’m reading Sofie’s World nowadays and one sentence was really right. The things that amuse us as we’re children don’t look so amusing anymore as we get older. We accept the world with all its bads, wrongs, torts .. they don’t surprise us anymore that children dying, animals being tortured, people killing themselves, wars, people starving at one side of world and others throwing food to waste at other side since it’s too much..

Funny, ha?


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