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What to watch, what to watch ..

May 10, 2010

What to write, what to write ..
What to watch, what to watch ..

I’ve seen Alice and the Green Zone recently. I liked the strongminded Alice much more than the always-unsure-and-naive Alice. Mad Hatter, twins, the queen of hearts .. they were all fun. Just one scene was .. weird. Because you still expect something else to happen until the very end of that scene. Which is where Alice fights the dragon. I guess there was nothing else to do but it be that way. Plus, i’ve seen it 2d and in Turkish, not original, but it was still good.

It’s strange that i never forgot the weird song the Mad Hatter song in the 1999 version of it .. beautiful souupp

Happy to see truth-telling war movies now. Not happy at all to have to see but on the other hand, better than clichés that shows Muslims as terrorists all the time =s

The movie tells about the lies behind the Iraq – America war. Which was sad. But it also can’t stop telling but there also were good guys. I like Matt Damon. He plays really good just like in the Bourne movies.

The ending .. it was like the director simply couldn’t splash that very thought (that noone but Iraqians can decide their country’s future) all over the movie but was stubborn about putting it into the movie and did it in the end. On the last scene. But it was a good effort. Though obvious, maybe, but still good.


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