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Mimar Sinan and the Spring Festivals

May 19, 2010

Days sure past fast. We’re at the end of the 2nd semestr already. Finals are coming, only one and a half week left.

There are Spring Festivals at the campus but they don’t look so fun really, not very interested normally. First day, which was monday, there was an MFÖ concert, i don’t like them. Second day, which was yesterday, there was someone called Atiye, i don’t even know her =s .. Today, there is Teoman, i don’t like him either, though i was about to go, just to have been to a concert, but it would be a wrong choice i guess, he is a disgusting man with a disgusting life, hope he’ll skip out of it somehow =s .. Then, Gece Yolcuları will take place tomorrow. I don’t know even a single song of them =s .. And Athena, the day after. Athena for God’s sake! Do they even own an album =s .. remember them from the Eurovision? You probably not =s .. wasn’t a very memorable performance really other than they sing really weird.

Don’t know if the problem’s with me though. They all can’t be that bad I hear you say =) .. well, i’m not much of a concerts person i guess. Hate it when they start roaring =s .. he didn’t even say a word, respect a little. I would feel like an object, if i were a rock star and took place on the stage and saw people roaring .. yeah, i am an object to roar-to, why sing then when people don’t even care what i say?

I’m not gonna accept those Spring Festivals good enough unless they bring Linkin Park =) which is never gonna happen.

(the house with the flag, that’s it)

So, instead of going to the Festivals today (there was no school since it’s 19 th, May, which is a holiday in Turkey, the Youth and Sports Day) i went to Ağırnas with my friends, where Mimar Sinan was born. We were taking pictures in a garden with weird stone faces an uncle and an aunt owned, and the uncle started to tell his past in the Ağırnas village. How he made a museum for Mimar Sinan since there was none although the village was where he was born. How his grandfather owned a Bezirhane (herbal oil used to be made in them). How Mimar Sinan was never a devşirme (devshirme) but an Ottoman Turk. We’ve seen the house he was born in.

There was a church in the village since there used to live Ottoman Greeks (Rums) and Armenians there back in Ottoman Empire times but then they left, or were made left. They were turning their backs to us, France was provoking them to fight us and so the-very-long-time-friendship started shattering. It wasn’t friendship, we were one country together. Different nations didn’t matter, always lived in harmony. It shattered anyway when people started to consider having their own countries and turned their backs on their gove

rnment and this very government had to make them go. Don’t know if it was one of the wisest decitions really but they needed a solution in such critical times, 1st world war you know, and they needed it fast.

(other village houses)

So, in the end  the church isn’t used nowadays (there is no Christian to use it), only a historical place to be remembered, which is sad.

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