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Living Out the Window ..

July 13, 2010

My this happiness collapsed all of a sudden after 2 weeks of vacation when i found out that i failed the prosthesis laboratuar exam. So i went back to have the exam again.

God, such a stress it was and we still don’t know if we’ve passed. We’ll get the results when the professor comes back from abroad. And if we did not pass or something like that happens, that means you’ll take that year again =s .. May Allah help us.

I’m currently learning Japanese, meeting with friends once a week to talk about religion, history, news etc., which we call SIT (Sona Ilmî Toplaşmaları), and travelling around Istanbul with a friend from high school.

One more month and it’s gonna be Ramadan. My favourite month of all. Not that i like keeping myself from eating, and all, i’m not a masochist you know, but it’s just that there is something magical in the air when it’s Ramadan. Like a veil it covers and hides the ugliness.

I’ve seen the Eclipse today =s .. and believe me i still don’t know if i was in my right mind when deciding which movie to watch. It was a fast and very unwise decition or simply because it was the only one available at that moment, name it anything, but i’ve seen it and it was horrible. I read the books and i like them but the movies .. i mean, even I could direct better, choose a better cast. It was very boring with too many unconnected details.

So, save your money, don’t waste it on cinema to see that kind of a movie.

Save your money, go and do something else, like buy a book, taste some different food, get a present for someone.

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