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Well, isn’t that funny!

August 28, 2010

The whole family, we were watching news during iftar dinner and there was this reaally funny news about a guy forgetting his car on the public ferry.

I mean, what kind of a person forgets his car -the car he got on the ferry in- on the ferry? Yeah, this is Turkey and my beloved citizens are sometimes reaally amusing, but still…

So, when everyone was getting off the ferry and this car standing there alone, people thought there was bomb in it. We’re kinda touchy these days, you know. Well, we’ve been on the edge for a very long time now though, PKK and all.

And the personnel on the ferry called the police (155 in Turkey) and police brought the bomb detecting team with them. So it became a big event. As they couldn’t find bomb in it and trying to figure out what was going on, this guy shows up and tells them it’s his car, that he usually got on the ferry without a car so he forgot about being in one today.

Isn’t that funny o_O  =) .. i know it’s stupid but i still grin thinking about it =D

  1. A propos des “rancons”, ils n’ont pas besoin d’argent pour le faire. ils cherchent à récupérer leur parent qui sont en milliers dans les prisons israéliennes . “Ils les tuent”, par contre ils sont bien traités lorsqu’ils les captures(leur religion leur exige cela).(la preuve “Shalite est-il mort?”non, car il vaut plus cher quand il est vivant). Réveilles toi Baby. Je sais que t’es aveugle pour voir la vérité. Mais essaye quand même. Pour Finir, pour toi ce sont des terroristes et “résistants” sa n’existe pas dans ton dictionnaire? Que Dieu te guide vers la lumiere qui va paraitre claire un de ces jours. Il y a difference entre Hezbollah, Hamas(résistants) et AlQaida(terroristes).

  2. Well, it’s not like I can speak any French really, but the least I got from your comment is that you support the Hamas Government in Palestine, .. and so am I.
    Though I don’t know if this was a spam comment or something.

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