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East Turkestan

September 3, 2010

We are not aware about what is going on in East Turkestan. They only want to live peacefully in this world. It wasn’t like a dictator was ruling them and that they needed help or something, so that it would be a “reason” (?) to invade the country, it wasn’t even that but China invaded. Because Uyghur lands are productive with being arable, having rivers, mineral deposits … So it’s another just for money story. And now Uyghur people are living in such conditions that .. so many people got killed by Chinese. 1 million educated Uyghur people were slaughtered when China was invading East Turkestan so that there wouldn’t be any person who’ll start a resistance to them. Now it’s impossible to even bring these on or it’s simple: you die.

I have Uyghur friends at school. So, it’s really like that as they told me. China forbids everything. No talking about such things, no teaching your culture, no praying (mosques only for eyes, there really isn’t done any practical thing in them like praying. you’re not even allowed in them), no education …

Many Uyghurs are forced to assimilate to a Han Chinese way of life and feel threatened by the spread of Han Chinese culture. In Xinjiang, school instruction is in Mandarin and very few pieces of literature are published in Uyghur or other Turkic languages. Han Chinese have settled in Xinjiang.

Many Uyghurs face religious persecution and discrimination at the hands of the government authorities. Uyghurs who choose to practice their faith can only use a state-approved version of the Koran; men who work in the state sector cannot wear beards and women cannot wear headscarves . The Chinese state controls the management of all mosques, which many Uyghurs claim stifles religious traditions that have formed a crucial part of the Uyghur identity for centuries. The “Uyghur Human Rights Project” alleges that children under the age of 18 were banned from a mosque in southern Xinjiang.

So, the only thing that kept them from falling apart is their faith. The only thing China tried everything to crush but could never achieve.

There was this Uyghur, Barat Haji, who lived a very sarrowful, very sad, very difficult life under chinese torture. He wanted to save his country from the chinese imperialism and he did save many places. And when he was put into prison, his cell was only 80 cms width and 1 metre length. And he was forced to live in there for 21 years. I can’t imagine living there drop 1 day but not even 1 hour. And yet he still kept his sanity. After releasing, he came to Turkey to tell about what was going on in East Turkestan because media is practically banned in there. Even though he was very old, he never backed off, until he died in Mecca in 2003.

I just wish people never turn a blind eye to what others are going through. Mongols and Tibetians are also under Chinese  imperialism but since Mongols and Chinese go way back when Mongols once used to serve in Chinese palaces and Tibet has Dalaylama, and East Turkestan (Xin Jiang, Shin Jan) has no such conditions, he’s the only one getting this hurt. But if only people never turned a blind eye, then there would be no problem in world ..


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