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Yoru no Pikunikku

September 6, 2010

country: Japan

year: 2006

genre: drama – family – school life

plot: Takako’s (Tabe Mikako) high school has a unique tradition. Every year, the school’s 1000 students walk 80 kilometers in 24 hours. As this is her final year of high school, Takako decides to work up the courage to talk to her stepbrother You (Ishida Takuya), whom she has never spoken to before. Classmates who are unaware of their relationship read something more into their awkward overtures.

for more information: AsianMediaWiki

english subtitles: download

turkish subtitles: download

This is one of my favourite J-movies. I like J-movies, since there really is “soul” in them. Every character has his/her own character in this movie. They are not just “filling” their roles, but “fitting”.

I’d love to have a walk like that, with friends.

Walking together…
That’s all it was, but…

How did it become so special?


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  1. u should be carefull :) rapid links(i mean copyrighted content) r illegal u know. ur lovely blog can be suspended.

    btw thx for info. last time i read speedy scandal from your blog and it was awesome movie. thank you.


  2. Oh, thank you for the tip really. Never occured to me.
    Guess, I’ll remove them anyway, since the links are reachable via Googlin’.

    And yes, Speedy Scandal is one of a kind! =)


  3. hello..
    yes, this is a decent movie,
    i watched it few months ago. ^^

    • Hello yourself =)

      Yup. Although all they ever did was walk and i had to watch it like a thousand times when translating into Turkish, it still appeals to me. I love the movie.

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