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January 16, 2011

Yay, back to home at last!

You know what? i am a masochist, yeah that’s what i am. and so are the rest of my classmates. I mean, it’s like we’re really torturing ourselves with studing dentistry. No sane person should do that. Ok, maybe i’ll have a nice job and all but what about my health? Both physical and psychological. because the stress this faculty putting on us is way too heavy. Tests, works, luck not being with you etc. It’s not like how it is in any other major, because dental lessons’ tests don’t require studing only, but also praying that nothing’s gonna go bad, you won’t lose any tiny wire that is the very exam you’re having at the moment, or never gonna drop the plaster model, or the root canals of the teeth should not be blocked and all ..

2 and a half years more to go. hang in there.

istanbul is not as teeth-chatteringly cold as kayseri. and i had the first flight of my life. I always used the bus (which takes 10 hours to reach to ist from kays) because i was afraid of planes (was just guessing because i also can’t drive cartwheels and the like) and this time a friend would be getting on with me, so i bought a ticket before thinking twice. and it turned out she was even more afraid than me. so then we landed about an hour later. it sounded real stupid that just an hour ago i was in kays.

so, anyway, this jetlag thing causes brain damage, so i read. and i never remember being this tired after a bus journey.





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