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bii-naapesi-pesi-pesi …

May 18, 2011

we have this 3 weeks long holiday before the finals. so i’m back home.

the profs at the school .. why become a teacher if you don’t even want to teach?

there is this one lesson that the prof always reads from the powerpoint (not that others don’t do, they all do) and there was this one time that i think i lost all my respect to him/her. as the prof was reading what the projector showed, i saw an anatomic term written wrong, which was ‘spinqa mentalis’ instead of ‘spina mentalis’ and waited until the prof got to the term. then he/she came there and stopped, said ‘spin… spin…’ two or three times, then guess what?

he/she read it as ‘spinqa mentalis’ and kept reading.


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