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December 3, 2012

i’ve just seen the movie of the manga i used to read and love when i was 16. although it was depressing, saddening and with no achievements, but still it was the best. it’s always touched till the depths.

it took me back to my high school years. though i had 3 wonderful years with joy, friendship, sometimes carefree, sometimes trying our best for some charity work .. still the last year which was when it was time to study for university exam covers them all. like a heavy fog. can’t reach the others.

and i’m going through that period again. for specializing. don’t know if it’s worth it. don’t know if that’ll ever make me make world better. but somehow i’m on that road now. stereotyped much? hope not. but i know ..

world is too small nowadays. not the city i live in. not the country i am from. not even the continent. the earth is small. then how small are we? how small are the worries that we exaggerate so much ..


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