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Remembrall in Need

November 10, 2011

When at home, we made a list of stuff to buy and I added ‘sugar’ too, since there was none. And my housemate said her family owned a sugar beet field, so she was ok to bring some. Well, one item absent, less money absent, that was cool.

Then we headed to the market, as looking around I saw the sugar department and said ‘Hey, we were going to buy sugar’, then my housemate said, ‘I said I’ll bring it, did you forget?’. Yeah, I had forgotten. ‘Sorry, slipped my mind.’

Then we paid for our stuff and headed to that other market that we always buy yoghurt and milk from. ‘What else are we in need, or is there anything we forgot to buy from the other market?’, other housemate asked. And I said again, ‘Hey, we forgot to buy sugar!’ .. Sugar beet housemate gave me an unsure look, appereantly she couldn’t decide whether I was kidding or I was against her bringing sugar. She never thought that I had forgotten again. But again, I had. So, she repeated that she was to bring some from home, ‘Your memory is like a fish’s.’

Next day, a friend of mine was with us, having tea. All three of us housemates don’t have our teas with sugar, so she asked if we had any sugar. I said, ‘No, we forgot to buy.’


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